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The blog is a place for short form writing on a variety of topics. Reflecting on years of experience and self-studies in art, philosophy and much more. A celebration of creativity hoping to provide you with useful information, inspiration and entertainment. Curated carefully to widen your perspective and turn your consciousness towards hither to unknown visionary peaks. Seeking to aid in the expanse of your conscientiousness, presence and imaginative mind.

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A person set ablaze by their motivation and burning passion
May 30, 2024

How to Find the Motivation to Create

About finding motivation to achieve your goals and dreams. Concrete tips and ways to strengthen your motivation through discipline, consistency, and more. How and where to find inspiration and how to not overwork yourself, ensuring you have the energy to stay motivated and focused.

A crab with an eternity symbol on its body
May 29, 2024

Thinking About the Immortality of the Crab

How to engage with meaningful thoughts and constructive daydreaming. Getting the most out of contemplation and using your imaginative mind to fuel you towards your goals, achieving your dreams, and living a more present and positive life through conscious thought.

A lightbulb of creativity radiating light in the dark
May 27, 2024

5 Core Principles of Creativity

Creativity is a big topic. This blog post seeks to cover out briefly 5 core principles of the concept of creativity - explaining each principle and how they work together to allow creativity to be such a great force of will. Creativity has led to most of humanity's great inventions and ideas.