The gallery for all painted pieces of clothing. Ranging from shoes, jackets to bags and more. Along with high-resolution images of each piece of clothing there is additional information about the piece like: the medium, size and the technique used; as well as some insight into the creative process behind the work and its symbolism. Since the beginning of the artistic journey, I have been painting leather clothing with a special acrylic paint. Clothing is a unique way to present art and allow for self-expression for both the artist and wearer. Most of the clothing painted is either handmade from scratch or old pieces upcycled, giving a new life to old pieces.

A pair of brown leather shoes decorated with cyan, white and blue geometrical shapes
A brown leather vest painted in a cyan and white colour scheme. There's various shapes and imagery painted on the vest.
A woman with dreadlocks wearing a dark leather jacket painted with a lot of colours, vivid imagery and symbols.
A gray denim jacket with a painting of a person with a radiating aura behind their head
A pair of painted dark leather boots, the imagery is colourful and full of varying shapes and patterns.
A pair of shoes painted in black, pink and white, the imagery is geometrical and filled with movement.
A blonde woman wearing a long leather coat. The coat is painted and colourful - it's filled with symbols & repeating patterns