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The Mystery of the Soul's Work.
“The artist’s task is to save the soul of mankind; and anything less is a dithering while Rome burns. Because of the artists, who are self-selected, for being able to journey into the Other, if the artists cannot find the way, then the way cannot be found.” ― Terence McKenna

Handmade Unique Art

Handcrafted in the solitary and icy woods of northern Sweden all artworks are originals with no prints available. Each piece is contemplated and worked on meticulously and with an ardent love for the craft. Every single artwork is infused with a wonder and passion for creativity and creation. No machines and no artificial intelligence, it is all made by blood, bones and the human spirit; from the very first brushstroke to the last.
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Self-Taught with 9+ Years of Experience

Lacking formal training makes the Work's composition unhindered by creative conventions and all the Work is conceived outside of limitations. Several years of practice and training constitutes the skill needed.
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Easy to Reach

We are always open to answer any questions you may have. We respond as fast as we can and are here to help you with all inquiries.
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All payments are safe and secure, done through trusted and verified third parties. With generous return and refund policies your online purchases become risk-free.
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Custom work and Commissions

Want your own unique, original painting? Or perhaps a handcrafted gift for a loved one? There's no better way than to commission your very own artwork. Be a part of the creative process from beginning to end, and have something special made in accordance with your will. Bring your idea to life and receive something that will stand the test of time.

Commissions are open and include a large variety of mediums and material. Have an old article of clothing you would like to bring some colour and life to? Do you want a painting or perhaps a mural? Feel free to reach out and contact us via the contact page with your ideas and requests.

Three braziers burning bright.

unparalleled and versatile

Mimicry and imitation is completely replaced with authentic and genuine expression, the only inspiration for the Work is from within and from the larger powers at work in our universe. Only the greatest holdings beyond the human effort serve as the guideline for this Work. A recognisable and unusual style sets this Work apart from others and each piece is a one of a kind happening; a unique moment that could never be feigned or experienced again in its fullness. The Work remains as the remnants of that moment, they are the ruins and serve as a reminder for what is beyond and behind us.  

Each painting is different in both technique and style and the Work is very varied in its shapes, colours and forms. The versatility draws from all walks and areas of life. It connects paths from polar opposites and from each polarity inspiration and motivation leads the hand that works away. Unique art made with love and discipline is a guarantee.

A Relic Infused with Magic

Signed and varnished each artwork is a one of a kind; limited edition. There are only original pieces for sale with no prints or digital versions available. Each piece of artwork is completely unique in its conception and creation; by virtue of its circumstances each is bound by a specific moment and filled with the spirit of those dimensions. Each piece is a story unfolding - a mirage of consciousness in saltation reaching towards itself.

Crafted under the starry skies, the northern lights and the midnight sun each piece is designed under unique star constellations. During contemplative prayer with the aroma of incense lingering in their presence each piece is finished and completed with a holy veneration towards creation itself.

Drawing of a decorated jacket

hang it or wear it

Over the years I have painted clothing with a special acrylic paint and worn the Work on my back. Clothing and accessories offers a unique painting experience with its own difficulties and tribulations to overcome. Having painted several pieces over the years I have specialised in making the artwork wearable as well. It is clothing fit for your soul and offers you a unique self-expression.

All articles of clothing are second-handed and refurbished. Through upcycling, old and worn out pieces of clothing are given new life again. With special paint and varnish it is sure to last years to come, it is worth noting that the paint lasts differently depending on the material painted. I specialise in painted leather clothing such as jackets, coats and bags.