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Take a look behind the veil and learn all about the artist and the Arcanum, as well as its purpose and mission.

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Behind the Mask

I am Zevul: a self-taught multi-disciplinary artist.

Having taken a keen interest in the mythological, the metaphysical and the otherwordly since a very young age, it seemed only natural that a development towards the arts would occur within my being. Eventually, at the tender age of 18, via the method of painting, through trial and error - a symbolic language was carved out to communicate and translate treasuries of the inner world of human consciousness. Through visual storytelling, certain modes of consciousness may be actively experienced, and unconscious processes directly contemplated. Art created - in its various forms reflect on personal experiences. Experiences which words cannot describe; experiences which can only be expressed through the movement of colour, the abstraction of words and through the bepuzzling language which is creativity.

The Arcanum

This is the Arcanum - the great mystery which I have dedicated my life to. Encompassed within it lies the body of the Work. This Work is the purpose of my life as it made itself clear to me. With complete transparency I was transformed by the guidance of my inner white flame. Having pursued different paths I constantly had to backtrack and return to the path which I was destined to walk. Whenever I have turned my back and walked away from the Work I have walked in a black forest, where beneath its trees there have been only nettles and thorns. With the blood my mistakes drew, I have painted a map. A map which I have been able to read with a compass that made itself found again. A compass I long thought was lost. With steadfast feet I now continue the path predestined. The Work is a reassurance of life's purpose and the powers which moves us about like marionettes.

Despite my futile efforts to escape my fate I have come to embrace the Work given me. May you find the strength and courage to face the hurdles which you shall face on your own way. Surely we have different paths, yet here at the crossroads we revel in the mystery of the company. A brief passingby - a quick word or a glance is sometimes all it takes to change our course entirely. Remember traveler, the journey is not about the destination, but the travel itself.

In this mystery I give to you all that I have; my experiences, my insights, my tomfoolery and my wisdom. I give you my inexpressible joy and my unfathomed sorrow; I give to you the vistas of the highest mountain peaks which I have ascended as well as the the sights of the deepest and darkest depths of despair. No lie embellished and no truth altered - I give to you the unfiltered and raw ambrosia which is my spirit.

The Mission

The purpose of this website is to provide service to you the observer, it is an extension of the Work and thus is an expression of art made to provide guidance, hope and learning. It is a testimony to life itself and it seeks to speak directly to the very soul of your being. There are some main focuses this website seeks to fulfil, the following is the mission of the Work.

Educational content

We offer educational content available completely free and without any additional steps like email-registration to access. The content we offer is related to the knowledge we possess; thus there is a large focus on creativity, self-expression, artistry as well as philosophy and spirituality. Any future educational content created will be available for free. If you would like to contribute to the continuation of the content and the Work, consider buying something from the store or leaving a donation.

Spread the Good News

The times we live in are hard enough. The mission is to be a source of compassion, understanding and love through it all and to deliver this message of good news to all. What's the good news? You haven't heard? It's that everything is going to be okay in the end, and if it's not okay it's not the end! We are rebellious by nature, and our greatest act of defiance in this day and age is extreme compassion, we shall kill them with kindness.
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Entertain and Inspire Creativity

Creativity is a source of endless peace; as having given full expression to what has been dwelling inside since the beginning of time - we set our souls free, and having broken the chains that have bound us for so long, we soar at long last! We all have that inner voice whispering to us in our lonely moments, yet we refuse to listen it, or yet worse we drown it out with the noisy chatter that is the opinion of others. We give away all authenticity and sense of True-self in hopes of belonging and fitting into a group, our inner voice which speaks so poetically becomes quiet and resides within us in deep slumber. To awaken it, and to awaken to our realisation as creative souls we must entertain it! The beauty that inspired us to speak, that inspired us to create and what lead us to form our own voice, to refine our own words now seek to inspire the change within those who receive the message.

It may seem gloomy with its seriousness at times, yet the whimsical nature of creativity with its childlike naivety is what breaks through the rocky walls of the heart. With colour and joy it conquers, setting fire to the very center of the heart's core; where upon its throne sits the soul.


We all suffer pain, grief and other negative emotions. Our way to deal with it is different from person to person. Each individual carry their own cross; their own unique set of trauma and bad experiences. Yet the only way for the wound to fully heal is to let it bleed, and the bad must be flushed from the system. We cough it up, we puke it out and we release the tensions built up within us. Art and expression is a way to do that, and a way to heal.

We find comfort in the art of others and catharsis in the creation of our own. When art speaks to us it gives us a sense of belonging, a feeling that we are not alone and we connect to it. Consider this Work to be a hug from a friend, or a late night conversation over tea, and may it guide you to better understand yourself and the world which we live in. We hope vulnerability inspires you - to heal and to feel; to write, to sing and to dance. To live your life fully and without hindrance.
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