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Commissions information

I frequently do commissions and here is some useful information about commissions. To order a commission - send us an email providing as much information as possible and we will get back to you as soon as possible and then we will begin to work together towards a final product which you are happy with.


I do not commission or paint in any specific style by request. If you ask for a commission you therefore agree to give me the reins entirely in the creative process regarding style. I paint according to my style through my own process; I do not mimic or imitate the style of any other artists by request. Commissioning from me thus means you understand and know my artistic style and it is what you're looking for in the commission.


When commissioning you can request themes and imagery; however I reserve the right to refuse any theme and or imagery without further explanation. It is important to know that while I take requests on imagery and themes I will paint in my own style. If you're looking for a photorealistic portrait of your loved ones I am not the right artist for that kind of work. If you're not sure if my work is the right for you please consider emailing me; it costs nothing but a minute of your time and together we can figure out what I can do for you.


The work is expressed through a variety of mediums and I offer painting commissions in all of them. Each medium comes with its own benefits and negatives. The mediums I work in and offer commissions in are the following; digital art and design, painted leather clothing, painted wood, painted canvas and mural paintings. I am always open for new challenges and if there's a medium I haven't covered or done before, feel free to discuss it with me and we will see what we can do.


When ordering a commission I will give you a time estimate of the time needed for the work to be done. I am grateful for your patience and understanding that the time for a commission can be very long. The time depends on what type of medium it is as well as the amount of other commissions and projects I am currently working on. If you're short on time for say a gift, it might be a better idea for you to buy an already finished work.

If it's a special gift for someone dear to you, consider getting in touch with me ahead of time. Time is not relevant to the pricing of commissions; rather size, the amount of work as well as difficulty are taken into account. A work will not be more expensive or cheaper whether it's done faster or quicker. I will always do my best to deliver the highest quality as fast as I possibly can; however I am not willing to compromise time for quality.


When ordering a commission I will give you a price estimate. The estimate is based on the size of the work, the estimated work as well as the estimated difficulty. A commission is a bit pricier than buying work I have already finished and done. The final price is then determined by the same factors as stated above. Usually you will pay once the commission is done and you - the client, is happy and content with the end result.

In some instances, especially for bigger commission work, I may ask for an upfront sum; this sum is non-refundable and I will immediately begin working on the commission once the sum has been paid. The upfront payment is not an extra fee but rather part of the final pay and thus will not add up on the final cost of the commission.